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The Philosophy of Memory is a new and rapidly developing subfield in philosophy. We at PhOMO are excited about the increasing interest in the work that is being done in this area and want to do all that we can to help it continue. To that end, we’ve created a repository of materials for teaching courses in the philosophy of memory. The aims of this repository are broad—we hope that it is of use to specialists working in this area, but also to those teaching courses in related areas (e.g., epistemology or philosophy of mind) who may want to include a section on memory. We hope, too, to provide materials for courses pitched at all levels of instruction—from introductory undergraduate courses through to advanced postgraduate seminars. With your help, we also hope to include materials from a range of institutions representing philosophical instruction around the world. All syllabi and course materials made available here have been volunteered by the instructors who created them. Any questions or feedback on these syllabi should be sent directly to them. We include, in addition, a list of recent anthologies in philosophy of memory, as well as links to a set of useful web resources. The repository is a work in progress, so check back often for updates and contribute or provide feedback as you can. 

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Sample syllabi